Beautiful Images of Your Craft Beverage.
Fast, Easy, And Risk-Free.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could presell your newest flavor, or your new packaging design, before the first bottle rolls off the line? Now you can. If you have the label art, you can have the photography, faster than you ever thought possible. Presell new flavors, new designs, heck, even pitch a Point-Of-Sale display! No need to build it first — we can visualize it for you.

"Gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for that quick turnaround. You guys do such a great job!"
-Carly Garcia, Sipp Eco Beverages

The Painless Product Photography Solution


Crisp, clean, correct. Professional lighting that brings out the beauty of your bottle or can. Never out-of-focus, never a stray reflection or smudgy fingerprint. Just a flawless, realistic, accurate picture of your beverage. 


Don’t let your business get stuck waiting for photos. In about one week, we can have our basic package complete and in your hands. Once we’ve got your product in our system, we can turn around new flavors in two business days. Yeah, that’s fast. 


You’ve got enough on your plate producing and marketing your brand. We make the imagery easy. All we need is the label art files, and we’ll give you all the imagery you need: clean, high res pictures on white and on transparent. Big enough for a magazine ad and ready for the web and social media. 


You don’t pay anything until you’re delighted with the result. That’s right: no up-front costs. If we don’t deliver satisfactory results you pay nothing. 


We keep your images available in a secure online location where you can always find them. Spot an error -- ours or yours — even twelve months later — and we’ll correct it, free. When disaster strikes, you can save the day, because we’ve got you covered. 

How Can You Sell Before You Bottle?

We use 3D digital imagery instead of photography. The same technology that powers Hollywood blockbusters, on tap for your brand. That means we can work without the finished product, we can add new flavors quickly, and we can make corrections immediately.


First, we create the shape of the container.

Next, we identify the color and texture of each part of the object. 

Finally, we add lights, shadows, and the finishing touches that make it look better than real life. 

Better Sell Sheet, Better Sales

It’s no secret that marketing is image-driven, and that starts with pitching to retail buyers and brokers. Make a great first impression with professional imagery that shows you at your best. 

Faster Time To Market

The pace of modern retailing is relentless. Don’t get stuck waiting on the photographer to shoot and retouch your images. With our 3D technology and pipeline optimized for beverage imagery, you get imagery that’s on-time and ready-to-go.

Your designer will love that there’s no tedious masking required: every image set is delivered with a version already on transparent, so you can drop it into webpages or photo composites immediately.

“[The pictures] are amazing! We love them!" — Kimberly Lanski, Buddha's Brew Kombucha

Seasonals, Simplified

Everybody loves seasonals — they’re so much fun — except for all of the logistical headaches. Synchronizing the timing of production and sales and marketing in a very short window,there’s no room for error. We make seasonals easier by giving you great imagery in as little as two days, before the bottling even starts.

Smash your schedule constraints, pre-sell the whole run, and look like a hero.

Room To Grow Fast

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time strategizing new ways to grow your brand, instead of worrying about the small stuff? We give you the power to move quickly.

Imagine if you added four new flavors tomorrow. How long would it take to get a sell sheet together? Would your photographer be able to match the look of your existing imagery? We can do it, fast. Add a new flavor, even months later, and it will look consistent with all your other flavors.


Show Off Your Four-Pack

Your offering is more than just bottles and cans. Have a can carrier or four pack? Show buyers and consumers how it’ll look on the shelf.

Want to help your brokers sell a point-of-sale display into stores? Let us previsualize it for you, stocked with product. No need to ship anything.

“Pretty amazing! We are really excited about them and can't wait to put them in our sales materials and website." -Carly Garcia, Communications Manager, Sipp Eco Beverage

Everything You Need

You'll want to use these images everywhere, so our base package comes with all the file formats and sizes you’ll need, starting with a magazine-resolution high quality master image and lower-resolution variants for online. Front and back, and even side views. Each image delivered as a JPEG on white, and as a PNG on transparent, so it’s ready to composite in Photoshop or online. Every file named clearly and consistently.

We Sweat the Details

Everything from the contact shadow on the ground to the UPC code on the back. Special finishes like metallic inks, die cuts, or embossing are no problem for us to represent faithfully. After all, you worked hard for that design and you want to show it off in all its glory!

Want Something Special?

Did you want condensation on those bottles? Yeah, we can do that. We can create glamour shots, special effects, everything up to and including animation. Our background is tv commercials and film visual effects, so we how to make all kinds of magic.

Don’t Pay Until You’re Delighted

Get started now with no risk. You don’t pay until you love the imagery. Our confidence in our work and our scale allow us to make this bold offer. We know you’re going to love the results. But if you don’t, if you’re not happy with the result for any reason, or it wasn’t what you were promised, you’re not out one single dime.

“Peace Of Mind” Policy

We know that mishaps of all kinds happen: the files get mislaid, or worse, deleted in a server crash. A sharp-eyed customer notices a typo on your label. Colors shift during printing. We offer two features that take the sting out: permanent file storage, and a “we’ll fix it for free” policy.

Permanent file storage: never hunt for a file again. We create a secure online location that houses the final, high-quality images for every product you create with us. Find that file in an instant.

“We’ll fix it for free”: Because we use 3D digital imagery, replacing and fixing errors is much easier than photography. Even long after you’ve paid for your imagery, if you discover an error in the image, we’ll fix it, fast and free.


Mirar is a 3D graphics studio located in Austin, TX. We love bringing the magic and power of 3D digital imagery to new customers, especially smaller ones like craft brewers who might never have thought it possible to get so much quality so easily.

  Mirar Beverage Imagery team conducting research

Mirar Beverage Imagery team conducting research