CASE STUDY Virtual Try-On

The Challenge

Online customers want to see glasses on their own face before committing to a purchase. In-home try-on programs are an option, but are limited to a handful of pairs and involve a significant time commitment.

How could an online-only retailer like put its product in their customer's world, faster and easier? How could they give their customer a convincing illusion of wearing the glasses?

Our Solution

First we tackled the question, "How would you create this illusion with Hollywood special effects?" because that's our background. Then the question, "How could you recreate that illusion on consumer hardware?" And finally, "How can you create digital versions of thousands of SKUs for millions of customers to try on?" 

Partnering with pioneering computer vision scientists, world-class app developers, and a visionary client, we created the future of eyewear shopping: the 3DFit Virtual Try-On app.


Downloads, awards, and sales. The first-of-its-kind 3DFit, and now Ray-Ban Virtual Try-On app, have many millions of downloads between them. The app was honored by Webby, Communication Arts, and USAToday among others. It also received a Cannes Lion.

This revolutionary app shows customers photorealistic glasses on their face from any angle. The app creates a 3D model of the user's head almost instantly using the device camera. The user can then browse thousands of eyeglasses and sunglasses on their face, mark their favorites, share to social, and even ask friends and family for advice. 

And in the metric that matters most, the 3DFit app helped drive year-over-year sales growth of almost 200%.