Case Study

Industrial Plant VR Tour

The Challenge

Thousands of miles of pipe
Over 1300 CAD files
A complex industrial process

How can you help visitors comprehend the scale, complexity, and function of a massive industrial undertaking, in just 15 minutes?

Our Solution

A virtual tour of an industrial plant that takes the user from a giant-scale experience of the whole plant at 500:1 scale, to the molecular scale to drive chemical reactions of refining, and back to the human scale to rev a turbine, visit the moon, and launch a supertanker. You have never seen this much CAD look this good. Intended as a cutting-edge educational exhibit for the plant, it also suggests similar uses for training, planning, marketing, publicity, education for customers, stakeholders, and employees.

(Unfortunately we’re not at liberty to disclose images of this exhibit. Contact us for more information.)